Friday, July 31, 2009

As I promised, I've got everything I need for the project. So I bought two books of Craig, but I think I will mostly use this one. Then, I've got Aida 22, and have chosen about 40 characters that I want to stitch. Ideally, I want to stitch 100 characters, but I can add them later. As it takes some time to develop the characters, probably I will develop them also in the process of stitching. The criteria I choose the characters... well, it's personal, first of all, and then I want them to be positive or associated with happy feelings. I wonder, how much time will it take for me to start stitching the first characer, and who will it be?:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Minipop Sampler, done and done

Minipop Sampler, done and done, originally uploaded by rubykhan.

and here is the final result

Royal Tenenbaums pattern

Royal Tenenbaums pattern, originally uploaded by rubykhan.

Step by step


I just love this picture of Venice!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wedding pattern

New "Wedding" pattern. You can find it on Etsy (, for instant downloads check my website , and here you can find other products that use the design of this pattern

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Add magic to your life with our Butterfly!

New ideas about using Creative Cross Stitch schemes

For instance, it is possible to integrate Matryoshka Circle Dance pattern to your knitting box. Just be creative about the colour to suit your taste and furniture!


This cross stitch pattern that could be used for creating stylish wedding postcards for yourself, your friends and family. This pattern is very simple and elegant, produced in the "authentic" handmade traditions. Your friends would be happy to get such a postcard that preserves the warmth of your heart!

Dutch shoes I part

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's smile

”Only God knows the secret of a mother’s smile”
Author unknown.

This cross stitch design was inspired by
the famous painting
Madonna Litta by Leonardo da Vinci.

I think that the great painter was able to capture mother's smile in such a way that there is no need to see a child to feel her maternal love just by looking at her face.

Madonna Litta was painted in 1480s for the Visconti rulers of Milan. Then it was passed to Litta family. Alexander II acquireed the painting in 1865 from Count Litta and deposited it in the Hermitage Museum in Saint-Petersburg.

Leonardo's preliminary sketch of Madonna's head could be seen in the Louvre.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Rooster from Barcelos - O Galo de Barcelos

One of my cross stitch patterns was inspired by the Rooster from Barcelos, the ceramic statuette from Portugal.

According to the legend, in the small town of Barcelos of the Costa Verde region of Portugal, at a banquet a valuable piece of silver was stolen, and one of the guests, a pilgrim from Galicia, was accused of the theft. He was tried by the court and found guilty. But the pilgrim still swore his innocence, so the magistrate granted him the last chance. Seeing a cock in a basket, the Galician said “If I am innocent, the cock will crow.” The cock crowed and the pilgrim was immediately released.

Nowadays, the Portuguese Rooster symbolises honesty, trust and honour, and, as any national symbols, is said to bring good luck. The rooster is coloured with red, yellow, blue, and green, the colours associated with the Portuguese flag. Traditionally, there is a heart drawn in the centre of the wing and tail. In Portugal, the Rooster is produced not only as a ceramic statuette, but also it is encountered as an embroidery motif.